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  • Introducing Nature's Guardian Angels

    Halo Dish Covers was started by the team behind Spaza Store in Cape Town, who are know for making handy dish covers for covering and protecting foo...
  • Sustainable Cleaning Practices

    One of the hardest switches in today's busy world is to sustainable or "Conscious" cleaning. Every small change each of us makes away from harsh ch...
  • Getting to a Zero Waste Kitchen

     Achieving a Zero-waste home or kitchen is a process, and each small step in the right direction make s a difference. In our ongoing quest to achieve this, we have come across a few strategies that are easy to implement.
  • Towards Zero Waste

     One of the challenges many people struggle with is food waste. When one is catering for large group or big family it is tricky to get the portions just right, and there are invariably left-overs, many of which sadly go to waste. Here are a few tips we have picked up along the way to help: