Spaza's Journey

Spaza Store designs functional everyday household items guided by the principles of environmental kindness and the upliftment of people.

Founded by Julia Schaffer in 2013, the designs were inspired by Julia’s daily household tasks and a need for alternatives to disposable plastic items that the world has become accustomed to.

The production of Spaza's functional hand-made products creates home-based employment for South African women.

The products are designed by Julia in her home studio and are produced by women in home industries in and around Cape Town. Many of these women would otherwise not be able to find employment due to the safety risk posed by travelling to and from work in the turbulent areas in which they live.

All of the products are made with careful consideration for the natural, sustainable, raw materials that are locally available.

‘A Spaza shop’ is an informal shop selling everyday household items, run from home in South African townships.

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