The Story of Sexy Socks

Sexy Socks was started in 2014 by a regular dude called Dave. He wears a suit to work, and jeans on the weekend.

He likes nice things, and sometimes he likes to be a little outrageous. Most of all, Dave likes to be outrageous in his socks.

It is not surprising, then, that Dave got tired of wearing the same old boring socks, and was determined to bring the outrageous into his socks.


What makes Sexy Socks so sexy?

The unique bamboo fibres, outrageous designs, shocking colours and sexy feel ensure that your feet will never feel more loved (and more sexy) than they do in a pair of Sexy Socks. They are stretchy. They are fitted. And they tend to go back to their original size. They are eco-friendly. They are green. They are anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-chafe.






Not just another sock company.


The idea for Sexy Socks was born at a time when boring socks were still the norm, and to show any spunk in your socks was considered too outrageous for most. Today, we look around and see cool socks everywhere. Why? Because people are starting to realise that having a little outrageous in your shoes is actually rather cool. But Sexy Socks is about so much more than just adding a touch of the outrageous.

Sexy Socks is the start of a movement, and it is their mission to prove that there are enough peoplewho genuinely care about giving back to sustain their business model. Sexy Socks is a social enterprise.

Their mission is to warm the toes of the poorest children on cold winter’s mornings, and at the same time ensure that your ankles are envy of the office. How? For every pair of Sexy Socks bought (which will brighten your conservative suit and bring style to your neglected, boring ankles), we will give a free pair of school socks to a child in one of South Africa’s township schools. These socks are made from bamboo which, aside from preventing your feet from being smelly (yes – they really are anti-odour and anti-bacterial), are guaranteed to keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. And they are softer than your mother’s touch.

Sexy Socks aims to hush all of their critics by proving them wrong. It is a for-profit company founded on a social vision. And it will make a difference. Haven’t yet slipped your feet into the outrageous? Try it. You’ll never look back.



Ready to make a difference?

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