Gifts that Give Back

Gifts and Gadgets Magazine - 11/2019

Bright yellow socks

Socks for the homeless

Sexy Soaks was born after founder Dave Hutchison found a homeless man at his doorstep, cold and looking for some food.

"I brought him in and gave him some food, and set about finding some dry clothes for the man ... he says. "While he was changing, I began to realise that there was no way that this man's plight was unique. How many thousands of people are either homeless or living in a shack in South Africa, freezing and cold? Surely there was a way in which businesses can help?"

Committed to the idea of a-sock-for-a-sock, Sery-Socks promises to giveaway a free pair of school socks for every pair of Sexy Socks purchased. 

"This is done via our regular  sock drops· where the team takes socks into schools in impoverished areas. A pair is handed to every child at that school, and it is always used as an opportunity to teach children that making a living and making a differeoce aren't mutually exclusive.  

The socks have only just landed in Australia and Buxton Hanley is its exclusive distributor. The company chose Sexy Socks to bring to the .Australian market because it believes in its mission and the visible difference it is already making both in terms of contributing socks to poor children, but also in the role it is playing in teaching and inspiring the children who receive these socks, explains commercial director, Caryn Hanley.

"We seek out suppliers who are actively involved in giving back either to their communities or the environment and we were thrilled to find a brand that does all that while having a Iot of fun. 

"Giving bad doesn't always have to be so serious. You can be outrageous and feel good about your choices at the same time, " she adds.