Fabric Face Mask - Crop Fields Turmeric
Fabric Face Mask - Crop Fields Turmeric

Fabric Face Mask - Crop Fields Turmeric

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Design Team's printed fabric face masks are made with a 100% cotton, 275/300gms tightly woven outer and soft viscose lycra inner layer.

The masks have a shaped fit and cotton blend ties to secure the mask tightly and make it adjustable. They are fully washable and we recommend that they are washed at a high temperature before use and then after each use.

The masks have a side opening between the inner and outer layer where a third disposable or washable layer can be inserted. This layer can be anything (cut to fit) from a layer of kitchen towel paper, coffee filters, HEPA vacuum bags (with no fibre glass) or a high quality, tightly woven cotton fabric such as sheeting.

Available in sizes:

Adult Large

Adult medium


 This initiative also allows our staff to continue earning an income during this very difficult time and support their families. For every 100 masks sold, 10 masks will be donated to disadvantaged communities where many of our staff members come from.